CSCP Complaints

CSCP Complaints

The child protection conference brings together family members, the child (where appropriate), supporters, advocates and professionals most involved with the child and family to:

  • share and evaluate information in an multi-agency setting regarding the child’s health, development and needs;
  • share and evaluate information in an multi-agency setting regarding the parent/carer’s capacity to ensure the child’s safety and promote the child’s wellbeing within the context of the wider family and environment;
  • assess the likelihood of the child suffering significant harm in the future and the need for a child protection plan;
  • decide what future action is needed to safeguard the child and promote their welfare and how that action will be taken;
  • in the case of review case conferences, decide whether or not the child should remain subject to a child protection plan.

Parents, carers or a may make a complaint in respect of one or more of the following aspects of the conference:

  • the process of the conference;
  • the outcome, in terms of and/or the category of primary concern at the time the child became the subject of a child protection plan;
  • a decision for the child to become, to continue or not to become, the subject of a child protection plan.

All parties must be made aware that this complaints process cannot change the decisions made by the conference and that while it is proceeding, the decision made at the conference continues to stand. View the CSCP’s Complaints Procedures below for further details.