9 November 2021 — Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief

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Course: Recognising and Responding to Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief
Date: 9th November 2021 — 9.30am-1.00pm
Trainer: Rohma Ullah
Location: Virtual — Zoom

Course Description:
The stories of Victoria Climbie, Ayesha Ali, Kristy Bamu, and Khyra Ishaq (to name a few) highlighted that child abuse linked to faith and belief is another ‘hidden’ form of abuse that professionals should be aware of.

The ‘National Action Plan to Tackle Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief’ focuses on the belief in concepts of witchcraft and spirit possession; demons or the devil acting through children or leading them astray; the evil eye or djinns and dakini; ritual or muti murders; and the use of belief in magic or witchcraft to create fear in children to make them more compliant when they are being trafficked for domestic slavery or sexual exploitation.

Child abuse linked to faith or belief will present as: neglect, physical, sexual, emotional abuse and the challenge for professionals lies in identifying the underlying cause of the abuse.

Course Objectives:

— Gain a greater understanding about what child abuse linked to faith or belief is
— Gain greater confidence to recognise and support those at risk of abuse linked to faith and belief
— Understand how to risk assess child abuse linked to faith or belief within a wider context of harmful practices and other safeguarding concerns
— Identify factors within various faith and belief systems that may make some of these harmful to children and adults
— Consider different ways to assess the religious/spiritual beliefs of families
— Learning from serious case reviews and case reviews

Target Audience:
This event is suitable for professionals in all Working Together Groups.

Due to the current social distancing restrictions in place in light of COVID-19, the CSCP has worked with our experienced trainers to ensure that safeguarding training can still be made available to multi-agency partners. Although, there will be some changes for all delegates to note prior to booking:

Delegates need to apply to join the course.
— All sessions will be held virtually — please make sure you can access Microsoft Teams or Zoom (these will be the preferred platforms for safeguarding training).
— Some session will require you to review a handout pack which will be sent to you in advance with instructions.
— Be aware that no online platform is completely secure, so keep questions general, and avoid giving any information that could be used to identify a child or family.
— Always keep your speaker on mute if you’re not speaking to reduce background noise.
— Please do not use any other devices while you’re taking part in the conference.
— Please take note of the allocated break and lunch times set during the training and behave as if you were in a ‘real’ training room.

Failure of any of the above will result in the delegate not receiving their certificate of accreditation.

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