17 Oct 2019 — Counter Extremism and WRAP

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Date: 17th October 2019 — 1.00pm–3.30pm
Trainer: Albert Simango, Prevent Officer
Closing Date: 16th October 2019

Course Objectives:

Participants will gain:

— An understanding of what radicalisation means and why people may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as a consequence of it.
— An awareness of what we mean by the term ‘extremism’ and the relationship between extremism and terrorism
— The ability to use existing expertise and professional judgment to recognise potential vulnerable individuals and know when an intervention may be necessary to support them
— Knowledge of how to obtain support for people who may be being exploited by radicalising influences

Who is the Training for:

Anyone working with individuals that are vulnerable to radicalisation including: Youth workers, Social workers, Teachers, Early Years. This event is suitable for professionals in all Working Together Groups and meets the requirements of Level 3 of the Intercollegiate Document.

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