20 June 2024 — Discrimination and Unconscious Bias (Face-to-Face)

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Course: Safeguarding Children and Young People Experiencing Discrimination and Unconscious Bias (Face-to-Face)
Date: 20 June 2024 — 9.30am-1pm
Trainer: Elena Hahn, Safeguarding Learning & Development Lead
Location: Vadnie Bish House, NW5 2DR

Course Description:

This 3.5 hour seminar will enhance your skills in safeguarding children and young people who experience discrimination and unconscious bias in education, health services and law enforcement. The course will enable you to reflect on the experiences and perspectives of young people, good practice, and enhance your skills in protecting children and families.

Course Objectives:

To provide an opportunity to explore how discrimination and unconscious bias may affect young people, how to build resilience and good safeguarding practice.

— Explore current thinking, terminology and reports about discrimination and its impact on children and young people.

— Explore experiences of young people in education, with law enforcement and health and reflect on how we can build resilience and support children and young people when they encounter problems with professionals.

— Develop skills in exploring concerns with young people, identify potential barriers to safeguarding and improve communication.

— Explore potential sources of support for children and young people affected by negative attitudes from professionals, incl. school exclusion.

— Develop skills in identifying concerns, addressing risks and responding with an appropriate safeguarding response.

Target Audience:
This event is suitable for professionals in all Working Together Groups.

The CSCP will be delivering both face-to-face and virtual safeguarding training during the summer term. Please ensure that you have read the course description, so you are clear on the delivery method for the course you have booked. Further details will be shared with you closer to the course date.

— Delegates need to register for a CSCP training account.
Apply to join the course.
— An automated confirmation email will be received if your application is successful.
— Further details will be shared before the course date including the location of the course.
— Complete the three-stage evaluation which delegates will receive by email.

If the session you are attending is virtual:

— Please make sure you can access Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
— There is an expectation that all delegates engage and fully participate in the sessions and always have their camera on.
— Keep questions general, and avoid giving any information that could be used to identify a child or family.
— Use headphones or a headset and always keep your speaker on mute if you’re not speaking.
— Don’t record any of the online conversation.
— Make sure other people you live with, especially children, are not in the room and cannot overhear sensitive information.
— Don’t use any other devices while you’re taking part.
— Join on laptop or PC for a better experience.

Failure of any of the above will result in the delegate not receiving their certificate of accreditation.

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