16 March 2020 — Engaging Fathers in Safeguarding

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CSCP Course 1

Date: 16 March 2020 — 09:30am-4:30pm
Trainer: James Blewett, Safeguarding Trainer
Closing Date: 15 March 2020
Address: Vadnie Bish House, 33-43 Caversham Road, London NW5 2DR

Course Description:

Engaging men is often one of the most challenging issues practitioners face when working with children, young people and their families. Research has consistently shown that all too often agencies either fail to engage with, or understand the role of fathers and other men play in children’s lives. This can lead to men being excluded and their rights as parents not fully respected. It can also mean that men are under utilised as a source of support and a resource within a family. Conversely it can also mean that when men are the source of possible safeguarding concerns issues of risk and safety are not sufficiently understood. This one day course seeks to explore our expectations of men and fathering and to consider how we can engage men, across agencies, more effectively in our work.

Course Objectives:

— To explore our expectations of the role of fathers and other men in the families we work with including families with parents who are LBGT

— Recognise many men’s perceptions and experiences of agencies and professionals who work with their children

— To discuss the issues that arise when we attempt to engage men in work with families

— To explore the implications of cross cultural working in the context of engaging men

— To understand the nature of the ‘absent man’ and other ‘invisible’ family members and how we can manage the implications of this in our practice

— To explore the factors that can promote safety in families when working with men and to identify men as a resource

— To understand the issues when working with men as perpetrators of domestic abuse

— To explore strategies and ways of working that can help us engage with men more effectively

Target Audience:

This event is suitable for professionals in all Working Together Groups and meets the requirements of Level 3 of the Intercollegiate Document.

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