19 March 2020 — Safeguarding Against Radicalisation (WRAP) Training

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CSCP Course 12

Date: 19 March 2020 — 10:00am-12:30pm
Trainer: Albert Simango, Prevent Programme Manager
Closing Date: 18 March 2020
Address: Vadnie Bish House, 33-43 Caversham Road, London NW5 2DR

Course Description:

This training features video content that explains Prevent (the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy), the radicalisation process, how to identify at-risk people, how to raise concerns and appropriate safeguarding responses. WRAP training is aimed at increasing your understanding, knowledge, and awareness in issues relating to radicalisation and extremism while helping professionals counter extremist narratives.

Course Objectives:

Participants will gain:

— An understanding of understand what radicalisation means and why people may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as a consequence of it.
— An awareness of what we mean by the term “extremism” and the relationship between extremism and terrorism
— The ability to use existing expertise and professional judgment to recognise potential vulnerable individuals and know when an intervention may be necessary to support them
— Knowledge of how to obtain support for people who may be being exploited by radicalising influences

Target Audience:

Anyone working with individuals that are vulnerable to radicalisation including: Youth workers, Social workers, Teachers, Early Years. This event is suitable for professionals in all Working Together Groups and meets the requirements of Level 3 of the Intercollegiate Document.

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