Upcoming Training Courses

Upcoming Training Courses

To book a course, you must first register your full details here. Once you register, you can select the course you wish to attend on this page (click the accompanying ‘Apply to Attend’ tab). We are unable to accept bookings on behalf of other practitioners, anyone wishing to attend must have their own registered account. The email used to register your account will be used for communication about booked training.

Please download and read the detailed information about the courses and our terms and conditions provided in the accompanying PDF (click on the icons below to view/download) before applying for a place.

If you are a professional working in Camden and would like to suggest an additional training area for the CSCP to consider please complete the Training Needs Analysis request form available here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in relation to the CSCP multi-agency training programme we can be contacted at CSCP@camden.gov.uk or via phone 020 7974 1276/6658.

Course Full — email CSCP@camden.gov.uk to request a place on the waiting list for this course.

Our training is designed for multi-agency frontline staff who work with children and young people in Camden. They aim to offer a multi-agency experience so that professionals can learn and network with workers and volunteers from other agencies. Please click here to see which training is most appropriate for you.