Which Training is Appropriate

Which Training is Appropriate

Camden Safeguarding Children Board maintains training levels in line with guidance in Working Together to Safeguard Children and the Intercollegiate Document and has organised its training into different levels of knowledge and skills. The level required depends on the degree of contact you have with children and families and your professional role.

All practitioners and managers must be able to work effectively with others, within their agencies and across professional boundaries. Our training is designed to offer a multi-agency experience so that professionals can learn and network with workers and volunteers from other agencies. Most courses are open to all professionals who work in Camden settings and agencies.

Please note from the charts below that you need to identify your group and then you can choose, in consultation with your manager, which courses are best suited to your role. Remember that you need to attend refresher courses in order to update your basic awareness of safeguarding and child protection. This may involve attending courses from levels 1 or 2 even if your role puts you at a different level. We are unable to offer advice about which course might be suitable because we do not know enough about your previous experience, training history or current professional role.

It may be that your own agency has its individual way of identifying training levels. In order to make the best choices from our programme you need to look at the training pathway and occupational group charts below which are designed to work for all agencies involved in safeguarding and child protection.

If you are worried about a child or young person, call us 020 7974 3317