CSCP Young Advisors

CSCP Young Advisors

The CSCP has three Young Advisors to advise the safeguarding partnership and Independent scrutineer on young people’s perspective. Our Young Advisors have grown up and live in Camden and have a dual role as Youth Offending Service Peer Advocates, and therefore have an understanding of the lived experiences of local young people.

The Young Advisors support the work of the CSCP by:

  • Providing a local young person’s perspective to improve how safeguarding is experienced by children, young people and their families.
  • Strengthening our strategic response to contextual safeguarding and transitional safeguarding.
  • Scrutinising and helping develop our community engagement with local settings in the borough.
  • Co-produce content that shares the voice and lived experience of young people on emerging local safeguarding/wellbeing issues.
This film was developed by the Camden Safeguarding Children Partnership with the CSCP Young Advisors and was premiered during Camden Youth Safety Fortnight 2021.

Here are some examples of the work of the CSCP Young Advisors:

Our Young Advisors provided personal reflections on the safeguarding themes raised in the Children’s Commissioner’s ‘Mean Streets’ report (2020) with accounts of their experiences of growing up in a socio-economically diverse inner city borough like Camden. Please click on the speaker on the right-hand side of the pages to hear their views.