Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation

Child exploitation can affect any child or young person, male or female, under the age of 18. The main types of exploitation experienced by young people are criminal and sexual exploitation. Preventing child exploitation is a priority for Camden. There are similarities between criminal and sexual exploitation, which may also overlap. Victims may, at any one time, be experiencing both. People who exploit children for criminal or sexual purposes can use similar techniques, such as pressure, violence and intimidation, and hold all of the power in the relationship.

Their abuser may be older and can exert influence or power. This can also be a ‘hidden’ problem — many young people do not realise they are being exploited, even though they are not giving informed consent.

For more information on child exploitation, download our leaflet:

Watch — What All Parents Should Know
(short film of about two minutes by Camden Parent Council and motionworx)

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